May 3, 2017

A day after my wedding, I tweeted and posted a snap on my Insta story mentioning that I had my very own snapchat geofilter for my wedding. That surprised a lot of people and soon later, I got a bunch of questions on how I did it. Today, all of those will be answered.

But first, I want everyone else to see how it looked like so I gathered some snaps from actual people at the event for this post.

It's a pretty simple looking geofiter which I tried to match with my theme. It also shows the US and Philippine maps which I think looked pretty cool. I made those myself and you can make it too! I also would like to mention that you can create a geofilter for any of your personal events. 

The total amount I spent was $15 for two of my locations, one where I had my wedding ceremony and the other one for my reception. The price totally depends on how big the location is and how many hours you want it to stay there. 

So here's how: 

1. Go on Snapchat On Demand and this is what you are going to see:

2. Click on CREATE NOW. 

Now once you're there, it will prompt you to either use your own (one that you create from photoshop which they provide a template for you that you can download)  or create one online which I assume would be pretty easy.

3. Once you've uploaded your geofilter you now proceed to choosing the dates, the date won't show up if it's not within a month so you have to be patient too. 

4. After choosing the date, just create a box where your area is located which can be anywhere in the world. 

5. It will give the total amount that it's going to cost you so add your card information and submit your geofilter. Within 24 hours, you will receive an email that your geofilter is approved or not. 

Pretty easy, isn't it? I hope that this has been a useful tutorial. 

Till next time,


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Perfect timing as someone I know is getting married very soon. I also recommend!

  2. and it's something that is regularly included as a bit of program catholic mass


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