Apr 27, 2017

Guess who's bringing the blog back? I know I've said that probably more than I should have but really, this blog is coming back! To start it off, here's a couple of snippets (does anyone even say that word still?) from our honeymoon which was in Portland, Oregon.

I know, you're probably thinking, who goes to their honeymoon in Portland, Oregon? Well the answer is people like Logan and I. We didn't want to go to Hawaii (because we've already been there) or Florida because in all honesty, we're city kids at heart. I was born in the tropics and I will always love the beach but I prefer other things. We like the metropolitan vibe and Portland has that thing that we seek. Art museums, good food, diversity and culture. So for all of you who asked us why we went to Portland, well you'll see (or not).

Let's start off with a selfie. We drove from Salt Lake City, Utah to Boise, Idaho and stayed the night and drove again in the morning all the way to Portland. Total drive time was approximately 11 hours I would say. 

We got into Portland and checked in at the cutest boutique hotel ever. 

We also stopped by Multnomah Falls before Portand. It was pretty but I don't think anything will beat Kawasan Falls (Cebuana represent).

The following are just a series of photos from our trip. 

Things that you should try in Portland:
1. Voodoo Doughnuts. (duh) I don't need to further elaborate that. There's also another doughnut place which is somewhat popular called Blue Star donuts and it's not quite worth going. 
2. Portland Art Museum. If art is something that fascinates you. They have a huge art museum with many beautiful pieces. I saw some Basquiat and Gogh pieces in there so def a must. 
3. Japanese Garden. Bonsai trees and some cool Japanese architecture is what you'll see. There is also a Chinese garden that you can go to.
4. Powell's Books. It can be very overwhelming in there because it is probably the biggest book store you will ever go to. 
5. Pokpok. For all you Filipinos out there, it's not what you think. (It's the Tagalog word for slut). It's a Thai/Viet restaurant that serves really good food. Must try their signature wings! 

And there you have it. Portland definitely met my expectations, I've always wanted to visit eve before I moved to the US. It's an underrated city for sure but I like the vibe and there's just more diversity and a whole lot of Asian food, when do I ever pass on that? Who knows, in a couple of years, we might move to the Pacific Northwest. 

Till next time Portland.


  1. damn, what do you use to take your photos? i love the quality of the photos!


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