Mar 3, 2016

Most of you are probably wondering where I am and I haven't really mentioned it but it is up on most of my social media accounts. I went abroad to finish up my degree. It came out a surprise to many. I didn't really inform a lot of people that I was actually leaving because I hate goodbyes.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah. For the majority of people who read this blog I bet you have no clue where it's at. Utah is a state located in the West Coast of the United States which is close to Nevada or Las Vegas to be more exact, ring a bell now? Well I really wouldn't know where this place is if I wasn't LDS. So far the past 2 months I've lived here it's been really good. Challenging but I wouldn't necessarily say that it's hard. Perhaps the biggest adjustment I had to make was trying to get used to the cold. Having lived in a tropical country all my life and to be thrown out in a place where they consider to have the greatest snow on earth was probably not the wisest thing to do especially I moved here in the winter time. I'm still not used to it but it's warming up more since spring is coming. I have never appreciated the sun more than I have in my entire life.

Language wasn't a problem, culture wasn't as well because I somehow have adapted to western cultures and it's amazing how little people know about other countries and how they think we don't know things and that we can't understand them. It's interesting how uncultured some people can be and it is quite saddening as well. It also made me realize that Filipinos have adapted the internet so much that we use a lot of slangs and that we are updated with what's happening.

I'm slowly learning or perhaps even trying to love this city. The art scene is spectacular, I've been to a couple of art museums here and there and they have interesting exhibits. I haven't done anything quite adventurous really but I would want to try snowboarding or skiing. But I'm just a broke college girl living out on her own. I'm trying my best to keep up with this blog but it might be a little bit more of a lifestyle blog now. I haven't really found people that would be willingly take photos of me and my outfits. Follow me on snapchat to see a peek of what's going on with my life -- monicaaposadas (yes just shamelessly plugging that in here)

I did give up a lot of things moving here especially with the work I had and I loved. I still am part of District Events but it is a challenge to be so far from the team. I also am losing a lot of blogging opportunities back home but this was something I wanted to do and I have to stick with my decisions.

Till next time.


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