Jan 16, 2016

The new year came and I found myself lost in a city that I've never been to before. Some say I'm brave for traveling across the world but as for me, I just consider myself a free-spirit who's persistent in what I like to accomplish throughout my life. Perhaps you'll even label me as one of those millennials who dream of going to different parts of the world which is kind of the trend nowadays but for the most part, I really do not want to be part of the so called traveling y generation who quit their jobs to go on a big adventure because that is not my story.

I took a flight on December 31st and got in the US the same day which was new year's eve, I could go on and on narrating how my night went but I'd like to keep most of it as a mystery to all of you. It broke the usual new years with the family at home mostly not doing anything, this year was incredible, I got to meet new people and spent the NYE countdown at the Bay Bridge watching the fantastic fireworks they've set, who would have thought I'd be where I was a year ago? Not even me. The beauty of traveling alone is something each of us have to do at least once in our lifetime, it's a whole different experience.

I'd have to say if I go on solo trips, I indulge myself into the local scene, taking public transportation, endlessly walking on different streets that take you to places not all tourists will go to but that's the best thing, you get the feel of how the city is really like.

I'm in the west coast which definitely means I had to try out in-n-out, it's always on my twitter timeline so even if it was packed, I still wanted to try it out and well, I must say it's very American and that is such a lame description for food, now you know why I'm not a food blogger.

The music and art scene is what fascinated me the most, public performances like that one man band who played some sick music by the bay and another night, I found myself in a crowd of people watching a street dance performance which was very interesting because of how open everyone is to these kinds of stuff and a ton of museums and art galleries. The architecture is just as compelling as the latter, they have a mix of Victorian and modern style in their buildings and all these houses look so dainty, above all, you cannot miss noticing the terrain of San Francisco, I've never seen anything like it before, steep hills everywhere, I wonder how people even manage to drive their cars there everyday. And San Francisco is another city I fell in love with.



  1. Hi Monica. I really adore you. Are you there for vacation?

    1. I'm in the states to continue my studies :)


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