Dec 12, 2015

When a new mall opens up in your city, you're bound to have more places to shoot after an event and this location I must say is a dime. From the tones, shadows and light, me and Lance were rattling while shooting here. Also, this event I'm talking about was super fun as I got the chance to be one of the judges to choose the top 5 fashionable people in line during the H&M opening at SM Seaside. And of course, I'm sporting some of H&M's pieces as well.

My personal style, obviously, revolves in the lack of color thereof and I've not regretted a day that I shifted to this kind of style. Most of the time while shopping, I don't even have to stress myself out that much because of the palette I've struck through for about more than a year now, my eyes are curated to ones that are in black, whites and grays alone which makes 10x easier to shop, I'm not encouraging y'all to shift too but it has been working very well for me which could also work for you in a way if you decide to stick to a style you like. I can't emphasize it more on how we all should have our personal styles because somehow, it does define in one way or another.

Cardigan and boots - H&M | Top - Topshop | Skirt - ASTOgroup | watch - Cluse | Shades - Sun Dazed by Penshoppe


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