No make up make up with becca cosmetics

Dec 24, 2015

I normally don't make beauty blog posts but it's good to shift a little bit from all my fashion posts. Just a few portraits to show you how I used Becca cosmetics on a normal day make up. Becca cosmetics can now be purchased at Luxola, an online shopping website that features tons of different cosmetic brands that you'll definitely love and most of which are already familiar to you. Becca, on the other hand, is something new to me. I haven't heard nor seen this cosmetic brand, well perhaps due to the fact that I really am not that fond of buying high end cosmetics. 

Luxola was kind enough to send me three products from Becca to test them out and I got this huge all purpose brush which came in a shocker to me as I didn't expect it to be that big of a brush, a contour kit and a foundation. All three products were great when I applied them except I don't like the scent of their make up. The foundation comes in lots of shades, I got mine in the shade of sand and phew! I thought it would come lighter than my skin tone but luckily, it blended well. They also had this eye shadow palette that I really wanted except they ran out of stock, will definitely buy it once it's up on the site again. 

The brush is super wide but the great thing about is you can flip it to use the narrower part of the brush when you want to highlight/contour or apply blush. The wider part is used for evening out foundation or applying powder to your face. 

If you are fond of make up and other girly stuff, I would definitely recommend you to shop at Luxola, they have a wide variety of cosmetic brands that even I, myself, love. 



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