Dec 28, 2015

Time to bring in some holiday vibes as I put on the most colorful piece of clothing I have in my closet, my favorite shade of green, which is the 1/2 of the only two colors that has ever existed or allowable in my wardrobe. I truly wanted to feel more christmas-y this year which led me to actually dressing up and giving an effort because one thing is certain, I don't know when I'll be back home again for the holidays.

Definitely the highlight of this outfit is this shift dress but instead of wearing it as it is, I decided to be of more cheer by layering a turtleneck top underneath although I don't want to go full on "cold-weather feels", pulling up the sleeves helped me survive our weather. Perhaps you've noticed I've been sporting turtlenecks a lot, I guess this is a preparation for myself to get used to these tops for the upcoming months to come because winter is coming, literally.


top and bag - H&M // dress - The Ramp Up (on instagram) // shoes - cotton on // watch - casio

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