Dec 25, 2015

Recently, I had the chance to try out this new delivery service which will soon be operating here in Cebu, it's called GRAY and first dibs to try it out! During the introductory part of this service and having know more about it, I was highly interested due to the fact that I could finally have Starbucks delivered to me at my doorstep but that isn't just it, you can literally have anything delivered to you in a jiffy.

Low supplies in your groceries? Leaving stuff at home? Restaurants that don't deliver? Well, we have Gray now to be of service to all of us. Imagine having to leave stuff at home or you suddenly run out of toiletries but you're, well, too lazy to get some on your own, we all have been saved, I am personally excited for this and here's my experience.

Gray works by sending a text message to their hotline number (2929-04729) and the best part about it is that texting Gray is absolutely free! Of course, my first order was definitely a Starbucks drink, I just had to, the white girl in me was screaming.

Just send a text about the order along with your name and address which I forgot to include but not to worry, Gray will ask all necessary information anyway. Delivery fee would depend on the distance of where you're getting it delivered, ranges from Php50-100.

After 30 minutes, the Starbucks drink arrived since there was a nearby Starbucks place from where I wanted it delivered, so the time of arrival would still depend on location but they also state how long it will take them to get to you. So my first order was a success but then I didn't want to waste my privilege on this service by just ordering Starbucks which was pretty easy to get. I wanted to try out if they would actually deliver anything or how random of a thing you could have delivered.

So here's what I wanted, Muji notebook, pen, pencil and eraser, this black circular vase from H&M and a nail polish, Gray had to get all of this in an hour and viola! It did. For more accuracy, Gray would have to redirect you to their facebook page so you can send photos of the things you want. I just got a photo from H&M's website and had it sent to them just to make sure they could get what I really wanted.

Overall, I'd have to say that I'll definitely be using this over and over, the service was good, the staff behind texting where polite and nice, also regarding the ETA of items, they did well. I didn't even have to wait that long, I mean it's better than actually having to do these shopping errands by yourself when you can save so much more energy and time, I think this is best for people like my brother who absolutely just despises the thought of having to go in a mall with a bunch of other people and for the busy working class who just doesn't have the luxury of time. They'll also be releasing an app for this, oh what a time to be alive. 

Do check them out on their social media, twitter, instagram, facebook and their official website.

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