Nov 9, 2015

A skivvy is basically a turtleneck in Aussie term and for this season, I've been seeing a tonne of this in different brands which made me decide to hop on that trend. It's definitely all about the 60s and 70s. Although, I didn't quite want to feel too warm as it already is around here, I opted for a sleeveless one and man, the whole time I wore this, my neck felt really warm and like what I say, fashion over function, not all the time but in some occasions you just got to let it pass. 

To complete the whole look, I paired it with a pair of trousers and my strappy black flats which resembles (a little bit) this new lace up trend we've all been seeing everywhere. It's in shoes, tops and even skirts. I've always been minimal when it comes to accessorizing, so a bag and a watch is something I could count on at any day. 

I was also with my two blogger buddies, Etienne and Lance. We all just get along in a sea of Cebuano bloggers and it's really fun to have them around during events. We did a mini shoot after our individual outfit shots. Do check out their blogs as well. 



  1. where did you bought ur top?and trousers?

    1. top from forever21 and trousers from asto

  2. nanambok mo ni ate ettienne

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