Nov 4, 2015

I had the privilege to get to the island of Dapitan and enjoy a luxurious stay at Dakak Resort with some fellow Cebuano bloggers. We had an overnight stay although I wish we could have extended, there's so much to do in that little island but we all had to come back home for Halloween, we just couldn't miss it. Dakak sure is  a dime of a place which clearly needs to be heard more. I never expected something like that in a small city in Mindanao, I mean we don't even have a legit theme park in Cebu? So going all the way to Dapitan was a definitely worth it.

The rooms were cozy enough to lounge in when we got, I'm really not a fan of boat rides since I easily get dizzy. Luckily, we were warm-fully welcomed by the staff of the resort and headed on to lunch with an array of seafood, best thing in Mindanao! We then headed to go river cruising and we were again, fed with pasta and some desserts. I was full the entire trip and their food serving are really good as well.

After the river cruise, we had dinner at their Italian restaurant like what I said, they kept us full and last stop for the night was the Gloria's fantasyland which lucky enough I didn't have a puke fest from all the food I ate and all the rides that I took.

The best time to visit the theme park is at night time cause it opens at 4 and there's this wonderful show and parade at 9pm which you shouldn't miss. The acts are great especially this talent they had called "Fiero" who did some sort of fire dance but on a different level and by that I mean extreme. Hopefully you follow me on snapchat (monicaaposadas) so you got the chance to see the awesome act. 

One of my favorites in the theme park was the Haunted House, it was taunting, really it was. When you first get inside the house, it sure was creepy as hell cause it's not a ride, you'd have to walk through the whole house to get to the end. You'll have a guide to tour you around the house and what I thought would be a normal human being tour guide, turns out they had a story so this guide was actually acting as well and I would love to explain it further but experiencing it for yourself would be so much better. You also have to try the Zimmerman which is their biggest roller coaster. 

For the second day, we got up pretty late for our much needed rest, we headed to our breakfast and got to lounge a bit by the beach and the pool area before going on to the longest zipline in Asia. I was petrified at first cause it was really high and it overlooked the whole resort but ziplines aren't terrifying at all. 

Overall experience was fantastic, I would definitely go back and experience it all over again and next time I'll make sure I'll be staying longer and do a video blog about it too. 

And here's something everyone should know, Dakak Resort has this ALL IN TIPID BUDGET promo which is inclusive of the following for only 2,799 (no hidden charges) for a minimum of 10 people.
  • Boat ride back and forth Cebu-Dapitan
  • Hotel Accommodation (3 days & 2 nights)
  • 2 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinner (plated set)
  • Unli rides at Fantasyland
  • Kayak, Historical Tour, Zipline, Bowling and River Cruise
Now tell me if that isn't worth your money? You'll be getting so much more than what you paid for. If that would be calculated separately, you'd pay around 11,000 per person, I'm telling you, you're a fool if you don't book this promo. I was really shocked by the price and the things included in this package. I immediately informed my family and friends, most of which are very interested cause duh, who wouldn't be? It's very "sulit", perfect for a Christmas vacation. 


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