Oct 8, 2015

On my previous blog post, I've mentioned that the past few months I've been hiatus here was because I was busy with an event my team and I organized which is Pop District Bazaar. It's basically a two day food and lifestyle expo from your favorite online brands gathered together in one place. 

From an organizer's point of view, I could proudly say that the event was indeed a success. We had a really awesome bloggers meet wherein Manila based bloggers came to meet their Cebuano readers (and it was great to finally meet these social media friends & co-bloggers) you don't see that happening everyday. Plus, you've got to shop from these homegrown brands at a very comfortable venue, we definitely made sure all of you would have a great time and not feel the hassle of outdoor humidity.

For all my readers who said hi, talked and took a photo with me, thank you so much. It was really great seeing all of you and it amazes me that I have quite a number of readers that I really didn't know of. Do tag me on your photos on ig or twitter! (@monicaposadas)

I, myself did a little shopping too, I mean come on! I'm at a shopping event, why wouldn't I grab the opportunity? Here are my purchases:

I actually have a few more, a necklace from Salty Ripples which I'll be featuring in one of my blog posts soon, a striped co-ord from Pink Lemon that I recently wore that's why it didn't made this blog post (ha!) and a marble necklace from Statement Ph that I misplaced. Well, what's new, that's so typical of Monica.

I want to make a big shoutout to The Big & Small Things, it was their first time to launch their shop at our bazaar and I'd have to say I'm in love with their products, I just have a thing for random shops, say Muji for example, I kind of have a feeling they're going towards the same direction and I'm a huge fan of Muji which obviously I'm saying that I'll become a big fan of TBST too.

Thank you all so much for the support you've shown and this is definitely not the last of PDB, follow our social media accounts (twitter @popdistrictbzar // ig @popdistrictbazaar) to stay updated on future events or visit our website (www.districtevents.co)



  1. ate you were snob during the evet :[

    1. heyyyy, i was super busy but I was able to say hi and even talked to my some of the people who called me man haha im sorry if it came off as "snob" was making sure everything was running just fine.

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