Oct 4, 2015

Breaking my two month long hiatus with this lengthy (full of photos) post. 

First of all, I would like to do a public apology to everyone who tried to visit my blog but couldn't access it, as stated above this blog was out for two months and you all must have noticed the domain change it's now monicablogs.com instead of monicaposadas.com which saddens me quite a lot and the reason why this sudden change has occurred is because of my carelessness of not renewing it on time thus causing it to expire and now if you go to monicaposadas.com some website is parked there and I can't get it until x months although this domain is temporary, as soon as my old domain is available again, I'm definitely taking it back.  In the meantime, deal with my new domain and I'll start this blog post!

I've been busy to be honest, especially with Pop District Bazaar, I hope you all heard about it, it was held last Sept 26-27 at Oakridge Pavilion.

About a month ago, I went on a solo trip to Hongkong. Yes, alone for the first time. To tell you quite frankly, it was frightening to be alone in a place you're unfamiliar of but I loved the thrill of it. I spent 5 days exploring this city and I loved every bit of it. The only thing that bothers me when traveling alone is having to ask strangers to take your photos and most of the time, they don't turn out how you want them to be and then you move on to another stranger who can perhaps take a better photo of you (or not) thus repeating the cycle. I would love to do more solo trips in the future and I won't keep you for long but I will be blogging more from now on (which is a promise I almost always seem to break).



  1. Hi! Love your shots and adventures! Have you been to Cebu? I'm going to Cebu soon and is looking on http://www.webbline.com/budget-hotels-in-cebu/ for cheap hotels :D I am open for suggestions bcoz I still can't decide where to stay hehe Any suggestion?

  2. did you go with a tourist guide or?

    1. no tourist guide, just me endlessly exploring the streets of HK haha


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