Starbucks New Featured Food & Beverage Launch

Jul 23, 2015

This isn't a full revamp on their menu but they're taking out all existing sandwiches and replacing them with these new ones. They're also launching 2 new frappes and a couple of other food that will all be launched on July 28, 2015. Are you all excited? Cause I am! Was lucky enough to have first dibs on their new featured food and beverages.

Today, Starbucks invited Cebu Blogging Society to their new featured food and beverage launch, it definitely was a night filled with treats!

For their featured coffee, it's the Kati Kati blend . It displays  a  great  example  of  the  art  of blending  and  roasting  in  action.  The  beans  from East  Africa  produce  extraordinary  coffees  that  are great  over  ice  –  Kenya  brings  body  and  distinctive citrus  forward  flavors, whilst Ethiopia  coffee  softens the  blend  and  adds  more  complexity  in  flavor  and  aroma. 

We also got to learn about a little bit of Starbucks' background and loads of stuff about coffee.

This July 28, expect two new frappuccinos for the last part of their summer campaign. These two beverages are Honeycomb  Crunch Mocha blended frappuccino and  Orange Honeycomb Crunch Cream frappuccino. If you're not a fan of orange nor coffee based drinks, you could also get it as Honeycomb crunch chocolate frappe.

For the new food that they're serving, my personal faves are  Mozarella Tomato and Basil on Flat bread, four cheese and garlic sandwich, white chocolate very berry cookie and definitely the must try mango float cake! Here's a couple of pictures to appetize you even more
 1. white chocolate very berry cookie float cake
3.grilled lamb kofta wrap
4. chicken bun
5. banana chocolate fritter
6.starbucks coffee rolls
1.chicken bbq on corn bread
2.chicken pesto and shitake mushroom melt on flat bread
3.four cheese and garlic
4.meatloaf on cheese focacia bread
5. tomato mozarella and basil on flat bread
6. tuna salad on pumpernickel bread

Lastly, Starbucks rebranded their cards and they now call it my Starbucks rewards, it was made more personalized for the customers to use and they also got new designs! I got their new Pilipinas designed card, you can check out my instagram to see the one that I got. 



  1. There's no design card in your instagram..:( How much would I pay for the new card? ?

    1. Hello! I'm sorry but I deleted my Instagram photo of the cards haha. You can get it with the minimum P300 load amount :)

  2. Are you part of nuffnang?


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