Jul 11, 2015

Since I'm into cacti and succulents I decided to share some of the little knowledge that I have in taking care of these babies and this would also be useful to those who're planning to have plants in the future.

What you will need:

  • Your succulent or cactus
  • a tiny shovel
  • Potting mix suited for your plant (preferably quite coarse) 
  • Your new pot
Get all those things ready and let's get started

Step 1
First thing you need to do is to remove the succulent out of the old pot by turning it upside down and shaking the plant. Make sure to put on gloves to avoid getting pricked if you're re-potting one those spiky ones, but as for this one I'll only be using my bare hands. It doesn't hurt to get dirty some times. If you're planning to be a green thumb then get used to it!
Reminder: Do not cut the roots, just try to shake out the soil and it doesn't necessarily have to be completely bare, just try to take out most of it and be gentle. 

Step 2

Grab your new pot and put some soil in the bottom.   

Step 3

Put your plant on top and add more soil onto the sides of your plant, make sure it's packed. 

Step 4 

Press the plant onto the soil and keep it sturdy.
And there you have it! Your plant in it's new pot.
here's bonus, I re-potted a baby cactus in this tiny clay pot and it looks so adorable. 

If this post seems useful to you, don't forget to leave a comment down below or if you have any other suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them out. 



  1. Ofcourse this is useful haha it reminded me to repot my cacti na. Thanks monica! :)

  2. will you be back on selling cacti and succulents again?


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