May 20, 2015

It's almost rainy season here and I'm getting kind of anxious for no apparent reason, I have a love-hate relationship with the rain, sometimes it's nice to be all cozy behind your sheets but then on most days you have to go out and do errands or whatnot which could be a hassle when it's raining. I bought this jacket mid March when I went shopping with my friend where she just freaked out and told me, you know it's summer right? And I just nodded, yes it is but I will need this jacket someday and I've been looking all over for this kind.

For the first time I actually wore it outside because it seems just about appropriate except when the weather decided to suddenly change throughout the day and I just had to get rid of it cause it was too hot. Wore the jacket over a plain black slip dress and paired it with Airmax Theas to get that street wear look and add a jagged feel to it, no accessories as per usual except for this very sleek white purse that I've been bringing around. Also please feel free to join my ticket giveaway for HyperCebu, so far no one seems joining. Should you be interested check out my previous post for the mechanics.


tags // dress and purse - forever 21 // jacket - life in progress // sneakers - nike // 


  1. you look so gorgeous mon! <3

  2. nice na kaayo imo hair!! �� and i love the shots

    1. thanks haha not everyone appreciates my hair so that means a lot

  3. Those eyes, hair, so perfect! :)


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