May 25, 2015

For all those curious cats out there who want to find out what I bring with me on a daily basis then here's something you'd probably want to read. Trying to add diversity in the content that I'm publishing here is quite hard, wanting to share things about me without crossing the border of what "too personal" should be like but nonetheless, continue reading if you please.

On my most recent days, I only bring my phone and wallet with me because I can be that much of a boy. Sometimes I just feel like not bringing anything with me at all but if I do then here's an insider.

Disclaimer people, I do not drive a Mercedes (oh but I wish I did, that's just a key chain my brother got me from their museum in Stuttgart, Germany)
My phone and charger go together like peanut butter and jelly. For some reasons, my phone always dies throughout the day and I spend most of my times in coffee shops having to do meetings and the like so the charger saves me and yes, I'm aware that I need a powerbank. 

I actually don't bring make up with me unless I have to, the only thing I bring is my pressed powder to freshen up a bit because the humidity gets to me and face gets a bit oily. I only apply make up at the start of the day and I get too lazy to do touch ups that's why I just leave them at home so it would be less cluttered inside the bag. The notebook and the pen, well I use it to write down ideas or stuff that needs to be written down when I got something to do when I'm out and the wallet, need I say more?
Let's talk about the clutch, I got it from Mango and I really just had to buy it. It screams minimalism and you know I'm a sucker for that. I know most girls would bring a handbag or a tote and I do sometimes but then I prefer clutches and backpacks nowadays which kind of gets to me that I am not a girly girl and you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at the insides of their bag (I made that sound really weird, didn't I?) but anyway, you probably have figured out that most (if not all) of my stuff are in a monochromatic palette and I don't go for printed items.



  1. too pretentious man ni oy

    1. in which context? haha im not pretending at all. those are the stuff that I bring bitaw.


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