Clean Bandit

May 26, 2015

And here's a bonus photo, you rarely see me smile/laugh in my blog posts but today I'll make an exception because today's shoot was a struggle, having to do it in the middle of the street with cars passing by and the direct sunlight plus the wind surely made me laugh. Oh the things I do to keep this blog alive and interesting.

This is what a semi formal outfit I'd sport would look like, perfect for going on a dinner date with your girlfriends or even going to different kinds of event. Mid riffs and midi skirts have been an easy get up in today's trends and although you'd probably get used to seeing me all dressed up in this blog, in all actuality, if I bump into you elsewhere in this city I'd probably be wearing jeans/sweatpants and a tshirt. Just setting proper expectations.


tags // top and shoes - topshop // skirt - forever 21 // clutch - mango


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