Apr 4, 2015

 I honestly don't know what came into my mind to write this post because I am the worst person to ask about this since (1) I do not take care of my skin and (2) I have very little knowledge about cosmetics but this has been one of the most frequent questions that I have had; what products do I use or what are my skin care regimens.

Without further ado, let's get started!

This is the complete "flatlay" image of the products that I use and most of them can be bought at any drug store chain, I don't spend much on cosmetics and stuff like these that much. I guess I haven't reached the point where I become like one of those women who love make up and invest a lot on it but maybe someday.
First up would be the cleansing and what I use is (1)PhysioGel, I use it because that is what we have and I didn't personally buy it. My mom actually got that for us so I don't really mind and I'm not very picky but it's really good nonetheless. Disclaimer, I don't wash my face all the time, really just in times that I feel like. For my moisturizer, I use (2) Cetaphil since a friend recommended it to me so I just went on with it, it's good for all skin types and my skin type is pretty normal. I use it everyday before applying make up. I've never been through that stage as a teenager where I have breakouts which I'm super happy about. I only get a pimple or two when I'm on my period (TMI, ha!) so I guess I got lucky. 
 (1) This is another cleansing foam that I like to use which is from Etude, these three products are actually one set and my mom got me those.
(2) It's like a sunscreen kinda thing. Man do I suck at giving product reviews to these stuff. I'm laughing while typing, I sound freakin stupid.
(3) This is also like a moisturiser (???) I guess, I'm sorry but I cannot read Korean and I didn't buy this. Don't judge me.
Last set would be the make up that I use for my base (???) This has probably got to be the best posts of all time. Anyway most of these products are from Maybelline.
(1) Make Up Remover, saves my life because part of my daily make up routine would be mascara and after I take a shower, it just runs down which makes me look like I haven't had sleep in a gazillion years.
(2) Matte Mousse Foundation, another one from Maybelline in the Light shade. I really like this product as it blends so naturally.
(3) Pressed Powder, go-to for shiny face.
(4) Concelear, again, from Maybelline *pffft* I don't have much to say, it just conceals my dark eyes
(5) Beauty Blender, okay okay let me admit that this little thing right here has got to be one of the most amazing things that could happen in make up. I don't know but I just really love this cute baby. I use it for everything, like concealer, foundation, blush and even contouring.
(6) BB Cream. This one is from Tony Molly and it's alright. Nothing much to it.

Okay guys, so finally I am at the end of this post (FINALLY!) and I hope you enjoyed reading this silly blog post but let me know in the comments below what other things you want to know about so I could blog about it, I'm very open for suggestions.


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