Apr 23, 2015

It's summer already and everybody's craving to get out of their usual routines and do something fun during this break. Here's a couple of ideas on what to plan for your summer in Cebu. All of these are adventures that I have done, otherwise, I wouldn't be giving you ideas for this. In fact, I actually wanted to include some that I haven't crossed out of my bucket list but I guess that wouldn't be fair.
Since I'm a girl who lives in the island of Cebu, I'm pretty blessed to be a couple hours drive away from beautiful white sand beaches, relaxing mountains or adventurous waterfalls. If you're not from Cebu then I definitely recommend you to give it a visit.

1. Go trekking and camp in the mountains
It's my second time to do this but the first one was more intense than my most recent visit to Osmena Peak. This is my top one thing to do for the summer because first of all I don't like the sun as much as most people do and I love cold weather which you will definitely be enjoying if you go up the mountains. Another thing why I like camping is that it gives you the peace that you need, clears out the mind and shows you the simplest things in life that you can never have when you're in the city. When I got back it actually felt very odd and it reminded me about how much stuff I had to do and I basically ran away from my responsibilities during that 3 day camp, not that I'm suggesting you to run away from what you need to be doing but then it's a good way to actually rejuvenate (??) and just enjoy having a simple life without any worries.

And more importantly, YOU HAVE TO SEE THE STARS. It is beyond breath taking.
photo by ekim manacap

2. Spend a day at the beach
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What's summer without the sun, sand and salty hair, right? This is of course the most common thing to do and it's not bad. I like lounging under a shaded tree, listening to music or reading a book by the shore but I don't like the actual swimming because of that after feeling I get, that icky sticky feeling when you get out of the water and maybe that's just me. ha! anyway, there are countless beautiful beaches here in Cebu, if you just go on a road trip to the south, you'll be able to see loads of white sand places that you can visit.

3.Go Boating with your friends
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I suggested friends because I tried going on an island hopping with my family and it didn't turn out as how I pictured out to be, it's probably because the grown ups weren't so adventurous nor they liked going in the water every stop so I guess it's better to have it with your friends.

4. Visit a waterfall

There are a lot of waterfalls here in Cebu, and I literally mean a lot. I was even shocked about the Waterfall in Talamban, seriously who would expect there's a waterfall that close to the city. The ones I highly recommend are Tumalog Falls, Aguinid Falls and I guess Kawasan because it really is amazing regardless of how overrated it is now.

5. Attend A Music Festival or A Summer Party

There are lots of upcoming festivals and parties in the queen city of the south but in all honesty I haven't really found the best one here yet, I mean I'm expecting for a musicfest in Cebu with some wanderland feels and it's so sad I'm not gonna be able to attend again this year. I guess I better luck next year?
In Cebu though, rave are in abundance like ones that I see most of the time, summer sunscream (??) beach break and so forth but if you were to ask me I wouldn't go in any of those, not my kind of crowd. (Why am I suggesting this again? haha)anyways by the end of May, HyperCebu is having another event so that's something you can look forward to.


some photos are from Etienne's blog

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