Apr 25, 2015

Jeans and Shirt - Topshop | Backpack - Forever21 | Sneakers - Nike

Get lost is the English translation of what my French print-shirt says. 

Opted for a very casual and a little bit of sporty look for a not so usual Saturday. I've probably said this before and I'm saying it again, I live in jeans and shirt as much as I want explore different styles, I almost always go back to my "habitat". This time, I wore a pair of sneaks instead of boots which is a good thing, it's opening up a different era, shall I call it in what Monica wears. Lightweight cloth shirts are an essential in this scorching summer heat and I guess ripped jeans are helpful for air passage (but I'm totally kidding).

Hopefully I'll be able to blog a lot before school starts because I know I'll be busy by then.
And this is where it ends. Ciao


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