Mar 17, 2015

A month ago, I gave a talk at the University of San Carlos about mobile photography and editing. Since some of you guys were very curious on how it went, I'd like to share the end part of my talk; the editing and the hands on tutorial which I know, if not many, are very interested in. Disclaimer, I am not the best but I do my own thing when it comes to these things.

I spoil you guys too much, don't I?
This is my third series in doing a blog post like this so by now, I'm pretty sure you know how it'd look like. I'll be giving very short descriptions because they're very understandable already.

1. Filter
I almost always use SE3 from the Street Etiquette pack. If not, I like to use S2 or A6 which you all can purchase at the VSCO store for a reasonable price.
 2. Exposure and Contrast
This is one of the fundamentals, whenever I edit something whether it be a photo from my camera or just from my phone or even when editing the video, I like to make sure that the brightness and contrast looks pleasing.
 3. Saturation
What can I say I like my photos desaturated, just adjust a little for that monochromatic feel.
Before and After
After editing in VSCOcam, I do few changes on instagram like the sharpness and the temperature.

Like what I always say when someone asks me how I do my instagram photos, explore, find your style and just keep shooting. You don't necessarily have to follow what I'm teaching you but I'm just showing you the basics on what you should be adjusting and so on.



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