Mar 17, 2015

Have you guys heard about Gadja? Well I did just a couple weeks ago from this page that I've been following on Facebook which produces really cool branding for events and this group is called L U N A and to be honest, I'm very much impressed with how they come up with these concepts, it's really well thought, kudos to the team! Well enough about that group and let's focus on this upcoming event in Cebu.

Make sure to get to the end of this post because there's a surprise waiting for you!

I mentioned this to my brother and I was surprised he knows about it and told me that it has been going on for years already in USC but I guess this year they decided to turn it up a notch. Basically, Gadja is a college festival wherein all the top universities and colleges in Cebu will come together as one and have a grand sem ender party. Now tell me if it still doesn't sound inviting? Because I'll be glad to tell you more about it. Gadja is an all in one event, there's gonna be live music from local artists and bands which will be competing as well on the first night while rave + paint party on the 2nd night, a part 2 of Sinulog perhaps? You can also eat and shop within the grounds since there are merchandise everywhere.
What puts an edge to Gadja, is that they promote advocacy based groups here in our very own city that would let us be more aware about what is actually happening.
You can check out this poster to know what to expect.
 If you do want to know more about them, feel free to visit their page

And here you are, I'll be giving away 2 tickets to one lucky winner who wants to join this festival. Just follow the mechanics below:

1. Comment down below with your full name and your email address. Mention someone you want to bring to Gadja
2. Share this post! (on facebook or twitter) with the caption, I wanna go to GADJA

And as easy as that you'll be able to join us in Gadja and I'd be really happy to see you there! Contest will end at March 25, 2015. The winner will receive an email notification.

Click here to purchase tickets!



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  2. Jean Carmel Mutia,

    I wanna bring Jo Anna Abear to GADJA! :)

  3. Angelica Louise Olegario
    Brent Joshua Samson

  4. Camille Louise Emnace I want to bring my bff MHADIEL MARTEL

  5. Wilfred Ryan James Palacio
    Patricia Valeña

  6. Ralph Jay M. Pepito
    Ed Anthony Polestico

  7. Dea Pilapil
    I want to go with Therese Benedict Manubag~

  8. Aaron Mikhail Cia Posadas
    I want to go with anyone with a jollibee costume

  9. Jovam N. Siano
    Bench Bagayna

  10. Nina Dejacto
    With my best friend Noreen Cabrera

  11. I am Arela Jane D. Tumulak ( and I wanna go with a stranger. YEHEY! But srsly, I want to bring with me my cousin, Devonne!!!

  12. Miranda Angela D. Pateña
    I want to go to Gadja with Zion Tavera (:

  13. I wanna go to GADJA with mu cousin before we enter college life and have fun as we finish hs :)

  14. IG and twitter @waddaplizette

  15. Niña Faye Jayag
    We badly want to go to gadja with my boyfie, Ken Daryl, who just graduated from highschool. I already experienced gadja once since I'm a freshmen in college. Now, I want him to experience the same fun and excitement as my first Gadja. This time, we'll spend it together <3

  16. Lawrence Tinapay
    Kay Cie

  17. Lawrence Tinapay
    Kay Cie

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  19. Dorothy Maicah Lou C. Siao


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