GADJA 2015

Mar 29, 2015

I've been up all on my social media about Gadja the past week(s) and finally it happened last weekend, I went on the first day which was Friday because I had different plans for Saturday and I know for one that Saturday will have a bigger crowd because based from experience in regards with events like these, no one actually shows up for the band show and yes events like these I've mentioned because it has happened numerous times within the city, country and all over the world. I'm just trying to point out something if you do get it then good. 

The next following set of photos were grabbed from the Gadja page, credits to Angelo Nico Daroy
The night was filled with chill vibes and music from local bands which really wasn't my genre and just maybe the next time there's a band show they'll filter it more. Yes, I sound all judgy (not even a word but I'll use it nonetheless) if you were actually there would probably get what I'm saying.

I'm glad to have been a part of this event, thank you to the Gadja family for inviting me, all my support goes to them because they've worked hard to put this up. Until the next one!


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