Mar 2, 2015

I think it is just but essential for me to make a blog post about every girl's guide to her own wardrobe essentials and this might come in handy one day, thank me later. I know I'm not the first person to actually write about this but let's just say this is my personal closet staples which I think everyone can benefit from.

1. A Good Pair of Jeans

I can proudly say that I own a number of jeans that look good on me because honestly, I scout hard for them. I wear jeans almost all the time, I don't go out wearing shorts because that's just how I am but I do have a couple of shorts in my wardrobe in case I need to go the beach or just a quick errand but other than that you'd see me in jeans.

Where to find
One of the best I can recommend would be Topshop's Joni Jeans, I love how it's super high waisted and super skinny as well, they also have Leigh which is equally dashing, I have one which is "ripped knee" in burgundy. Although, if you're looking for something cheaper you can go for the ones online which are almost of the same fit as the ones in Topshop or I recommend Zara which is much cheaper than Topshop's. I aslo recently discovered that Forever21 has their own version of the Joni except that the bottom part isn't that skinny. It has been an essential part when shopping jeans that I pick ones that are high waisted because of the growing number of crop tops and midriffs in my closet.

2. White Tee

One word, lifesaver. Yes white tees are absolutely lifesavers, whenever in a hurry I just throw down a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt then I'm good to go. No need to stress it much just add layered necklaces or a black fedora paired with white chucks, go-to outfit-check.

Where to find
I buy most of my tshirts at Forever21 which would cost you around 400-600 but they actually fit very well.

3. Sweatpants

Or as many of us like to call it nowadays, jogger pants. If you want to be comfortable the whole day or you want to stay in PJs (but still look good) then this would be the solution, you wouldn't even know the difference except that it is now socially acceptable, just pair it up with some Nike's or even sandals.

Where to find
Cotton On, Forever 21, Topshop but if you're on a tight budget then go for Penshoppe, it's not that bad really. Don't be so embarrassed to wear local brands because that's what I've noticed these days. If only people knew that the local fashion brands are dying and they'd probably go extinct in a couple year's time.

4. Leggings

Obviously don't need a photo for that. Leggings are pants, no matter what anyone else would say. If I don't wear jeans then I'm probably wearing leggings.

Where to find
Forever21 has tons and it's very very cheap

5. Black Boots
Not everyone wears boots especially if you live in this country, I mean who would? well perhaps those who would give up comfort for style and yes, I'm one of those people.

Where to find
Topshop, River Island, H&M, Call It Spring, Zara, Parfois, Forever21, Rusty Lopez, Mango

4. Tote Bag

I see online that canvas tote bags with different words on the front are kind of the "basic in thing" and I do own two which were given to me by lovely online shops but I'm more referring to the leather tote bags which looks really great and plus they're very easy to style. Another thing I like about tote bags is that everything litterally fits in them.

Where to find
Zara, Lacoste, Celine, Primadonna, The Ilustrados, Instagram shops like (stylesnapmnl, boomtique),

5. Nice Pair of Kicks

I recently just bought my first ever pair of Nike shoes, I know, I know I'm already on my twentieth year but I have never actually owned ever since. Mine was purchased in Europe since I could never ever find Airmax Thea in black here in the PH and it did cost me a lot but no regrets. A good pair of comfortable walking shoes can do miracles, those are just a couple to choose from. There's really a wide variety of shoes you could opt for.

Where to find
Nike/addidas stores, SM dept stores, outlets at pueblo verde, shoe salon at Ayala, Rustans department store, Topshop, Vans, Converse

6. Decent Jacket

Whether it's a denim, bomber or a leather one. All you need is something you would want to wear whenever it gets cold (or to even just a little bit of something to your boring outfit) My personal favorite would be the hooded denim although I do not own one, must get one soon!

Where to find
I almost always say Topshop but let's face it they have really good stuff and jackets are one which are freakin' pricey too. Zara has pretty good leather jackets but are quite pricey. Just G, Forever21 

7. Go-To Sandals

These are the ones you'd definitely over use, in almost all outfits it's an 80% chance I'd wear my black sandals which I got from Rubi and you need them too, I'd highly recommend the ones at Suelas though since they are foldable and I think they're more durable than the ones that aren't, I'm planning to get them after the one I have is gonna die haha. You can also go for a pair of mandals if you want to.

Where to find
Suelas, Cotton On, Zara, Birkenstock, Sewn Sandals,

LBD (long black dress)

Let's ditch the little black dress for now and how bout a long one? Ey? Not so typical but I tell you it is useful. It can both be casual and formal if styled correctly. Wear a printed kimono over it for a day outfit or just wear it the way it is with a pair of killer heels for night event.

Where to find
Wednesday Wardrobe, Zara, Forever21

So that's my complete list, hope you could also apply that in your own wardrobes.
Stay awesome!



  1. where can i buy affordable joni and/or leigh jeans? your suggested brands are too pricey, really :[

    1. try @vanillaskyonlineshop or @backdoorstudios on instagram :)


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