Mar 21, 2015

Top and Boots - Topshop | Skirt (c/o) - Astogroup | Hat - Forever21 | Bag - Primadonna

My hair is finally in a darker shade. I never blogged any outfit post for the past weeks because one of the main and uttermost reasons would be my drastic hair color which made me look like some stereotyped Filipina (I really don't wanna say the word but you know what I mean) or perhaps some dumb blonde, it was a complete failure and I really just wanted to change it right away but had to let it sit for a couple of weeks first. If you are curious how it looked like well then, you can check out this post from Etienne's blog.

It's been quite a long time actually since my hair was this dark and I'm definitely loving it. I miss doing outfit posts too! It's like this blog is turning more of a lifestyle blog nowadays. Yesterday I attended Gadja's press conference at Marco Polo and what I had thought Gadja to be is actually more than what it is, the best thing about this festival and the thing that separates this from other college parties is that it promotes advocacy based organizations here in Cebu which helps us be more aware of what's happening around us and that puts an edge to them. I updated my post about Gadja and you can also win free tickets by checking out this link.
I've been blabbering about Gadja all throughout this post and less of the outfit which is ironic because I promised this to be one. Anyways, let me get on with it. I love clothes with very minimal designs, sleek cuts and textures which was the very aim of this look. A scalloped top in a very cool shade that is starting to be a fave of mine too paired up with an origami like skirt definitely adds the subtlety here. Years ago if I had to prepare an outfit I'd also put up corresponding accessories which would mostly lead to series of rings, bangles and layered necklaces but that all changed now, the only accessory is my watch and perhaps a hat then I'd be good to go. Less is more, people.
This month also is the 3rd year anniversary for Monica Blogs, it's been a long journey from where I started and I've seen so many progress here, all of which I should be proud of and with that, I thank you.



  1. hi monica! i love ur bloooog.

    but how do u write the "monica blogs" i mean do you use a drawing tablet or something?

    1. It's actually a font haha and thank you! :)

  2. Your blogs are really amazing and helpful. Can't wait for your breakthrough though. Don't stop blogging! :)

    1. Thank you so much and I guess we're all looking forward for that :)


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