Feb 2, 2015

This post has been requested by a reader and I agreed to do it because I think it's helpful and I would love to share how and where to shop if you are on a budget. Noted that this post is quite lengthy, I hope you guys still read what I have to share.

First of all, when I started blogging which was way back in high school, I don't spend a lot on clothes as much as I do now, my parents didn't spoil me but let's be real, my mom was just as a shopaholic as I was except that we didn't really get along with our styles but from time to time we'd go shopping along with my other sisters although we can't get everything we wanted so we had to choose which ones we really should get. What I'm trying to say is that I know how it is to shop on a budget.

(Oh and that photo above, I just added that to lure you into this blog post *evil laughs*)

If you don't want to spend a lot on clothes but still want to be just as stylish as those girls you see on the internet or perhaps, more precisely, "tumblr" girls, it is very much possible. Let's start off by narrowing our options, here are the shops you can visit that sell clothes at a reasonable price.


The best thing about shopping at the mall is that you get to see the actual garment itself and that you'll also be able to try them on.

Forever21. This is really my go-to shop since I can get pieces that I like and wouldn't cost me a lot although there are downsides to this, the quality is not as good as those ones you can buy at Zara or Topshop but not to worry, if you just know how to properly take care of them then they'll be good for a year or two.
H&M. I know we do not have H&M in Cebu but if you visit one of their shops, it's very affordable just like Forever21  and sometimes even cheaper.
Department Stores. When I was in high school, I had a friend who was really an advocate of this, every time I'd go up to her and be like "hey nice top where'd you get it" and then she'd say (sm) department store and I didn't know that they actually had nice & wearable clothes in there and so I went and discovered it for myself and up until now I'm pretty sure they still do.


I haven't really been thrift shopping for years now because I don't really have the luxury of time to dig in those pile of clothes to find good ones but I do know a couple places you could thrift shop, there's this place that's located at the second floor of this building across Robinsons which you can access through the overpass and there's one at rain tree mall but I'm not really sure if it's still there but probably you can find gold if you go mining at carbon/colon. That's for Cebu only. Make sure you wash the thoroughly wash the clothes you buy from these shops, you never know where they came from.


This has got to be one of my favorites right now because most of the time I'm on the internet and when I wanna take a break from whatever I'm doing, I just start (window) online shopping which I guess is kind of a thing now haha but here are some shops that sell clothing that will slip right in your budget

COPPER. Copper is definitely nailing it, their clothes are really on fleek and you'd definitely enjoy shopping at their website as well, so easy and the price is very much affordable.
TUCK&TALE. I honestly love tuck and tale because it's like a local version of Brandy Melville plus they have super cheap clothes.
ZALORA. Shopping in Zalora is so easy and convenient, you can just pay upon delivery and don't have to hassle yourself through bank transfers or even credit card malfunctions and stuff. I love the brands at Zalora as well, one brand I've been buying at is Something Borrowed, also you can go to Zalora Marketplace to shop from a wide variety of local online stores.
INSTAGRAM ONLINE SHOPS. These shops are everywhere and they're actually pretty decent, let me name a few:

Make sure when you shop, always and always remember to get those that you'd really wear because this is one of my dilemmas most of the time, I always get caught up on clothes that are cute and fancy but never really get to wear them unless there's an occasion so nowadays, I tend to thoroughly think about it before I purchase it.

But seriously though, there are countless ways to save when shopping, try going on sales I'm sure everything's a lot cheaper.

So if you have anymore blog post suggestions, leave a comment down below and I might just do one. And there you have it, my full on scoop on how I shop with a budget.



  1. No forever21 and h&m aren't for budgeted shopping ugh

    1. They actually have pretty cheap clothes and they have do major sales all the time, this is just my OWN opinion on budgeted shopping.


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