Feb 9, 2015

Asides from black and white, I fancy gray a lot


Top and Skirt - ASTOgroup | Shoes - Topshop

I absolutely adore this skirt and how it looks like one of those famous skorts that have been in trend about a year ago or so and I have a thing for sweaters and stuff that we should be wearing on cold days because if you have been an avid reader, by now you'd probably notice I'm that big of a fan for cold weather outfits which I never really get to try because Philippines as you know it, is a very humid country. Hoping to travel the world soon!

Just a couple of hours ago, I stood in front a number of students of the Computer Science department of University of San Carlos because I gave a talk about mobile photography and the social media platform related to it which is Instagram, it was quite a terrifying yet equally challenging experience, for I'm not the type of person who can manage to speak in public nor to even just try to compose or arrange my thoughts that wouldn't sound ridiculous when spoken. I was indeed very hesitant at first to take the opportunity when I received an email from them and I'm glad I have people around me who support me within this journey (let's just say) and told me to just do it and so I did, great things are yet to come this year and I've promised that I should be doing more things that scare me and I guess that's one out of the check list.

Photos by Kaye Clarette

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