Jan 22, 2015

I've been to four waterfalls in Cebu and so far, this one is the best-est (I just really need emphasis on that, thus the additional est) The water wasn't deep so it's good for chilling and you don't need to stress yourself out because you definitely wouldn't drown, very friendly to people who can't swim. Probably the best thing about it is that the falls isn't just one gigantic waterfall that's falling from up above but they got separated by the formation of the mountain which looks freakin artsy.

How to get there:

private vehicle: it's about a three-four hour drive from the city and you can just google map which route to take cause I know there are two routes from the rotunda of Carcar. When you get to Oslob, there's a turn going up the mountain and it's not really that far about 10 minutes only till you get to the parking lot then from there on, you start trekking or there's an option to take a motorcycle but I don't really recommend it because the road is very steep which makes it much sketchier than just walking and besides it isn't that far.
bus: go to South Bus Terminal  and take the Oslob bound bus which I think is just pretty easy to find cause you just gotta ask around. When you get to Oslob just ask to be dropped by at Tumalog falls and from that road there are a lot of motorcycles so you can just take that till you get to the destination.

There are no entrance fees and as far as I know, we weren't charged for the cottage that we used and leaving our bags but there were people who were looking after the place. I don't know if they were just being nice that time that they didn't charge us or if it's actually free.

I  made a short montage from our trip which I filmed with my iPhone, it's really not much. I just like documenting stuff so you can check it out on my YT channel or down below, don't forget to subscribe.


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