Jan 9, 2015

Last month, I posted the first instameet that happened (well technically second but the first for me) and since that meet, the numbers have doubled. Our theme was denim and it was held at Circa 1900, the place is really instagrammable and the food's uhm, okay but they're very welcoming which was a good thing.

People also mistake me as the main organizer of this event, I'm actually not the one who started this but I'm part of the people who are now creating and planning the upcoming ones so shall I say, one of the committee (??) it's Richard Pozon who started all this. I like to promote and advertise it all the time because of course, I want this community to grow. It's really fun to see people gather all for instagram although it does sound dorky/geeky sometimes but nonetheless, I'd have to say I'm an insta geek, loud and proud.

Here are some of my shots during the event.

Some people also asked me through ask.fm what we do during these gatherings, well what would you do with instagram? You take pictures and posts them, we have different activities which we do in groups and we just take photos, chill, eat, get to know one another and socialize (or maybe anti-socialize because people would be on their phones editing & posting) The next one is happening on summer so don't forget to like the Facebook page. Can't wait to see you guys on the next instameet!

XX, Monica


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