NORMCORE, kind of

Dec 15, 2014

I finally found these photos which got lost somewhere in one of my (also) lost but already found USBs and I'm just so happy to have found these since I've been wanting to blog this look and as you can see my hair is a tad bit longer here because I took these just before I had my haircut and it was another in-coincidental twinning with my blogger bestie Etienne

Top, Jeans, Hat and Bag - Forever 21 | Slip ons - Topshop | Watch - Casio

It's almost Christmas and I'm sure still not feeling it which also got me thinking that I should do a give away here on my blog to add a bit of christmas feel since Christmas is also about giving, right? and since that's the case, if anyone of you here is generous enough, I'd gladly accept this beautiful DW watch. (hahaha I'm totally kidding) that's probably on top of my wishlists this year, just really a sucker for time pieces especially those that look very classy.

Before ending this blog post, I've been thinking into transitioning my style to normcore (??) I mean I'll try cause it's mostly composed of boxy tops and coats and we do not wear coats in the PH haha.

XX, Monica

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