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Dec 6, 2014

Last Saturday, Dec 6 cebuano instagrammers decided to meet up for this thing we like to call #InstaMeet well it's not just us who uses this term but it goes all over the instagram world and big thank you to Richard John for organizing this event. Despite the weather and the expected storm to hit us (that didn't really come) we decided to push through with it and surprisingly there were just 9 of us because a lot weren't allowed to go out but it was still really fun. It's nice to be around with people who are just as obsessed with instagram as I.

There was actually a dress code and it was supposed to be all black but I was on short notice, the good thing is I always wear monochromatic clothes.

I just wanna share some of my fave takes from Saturday and here they are

Here's our group photos, thanks to the tripod.

You can check this album for their shots as well and you can follow them on instagram if you like
(L-R) @kwncy @banawe_corvera (me) @etiennechantal @definitelymkay @idanboy @afrostywaytospeak @bluepepperoni @richardjohnx

A lot of people have been asking me on how to join this insta meet but the thing is all you gotta do is show up during the meet and you're part of it already. There's no signing up for anything because it's as casual as it gets so for more updates on upcoming events, like this page. I just love the instagram community cause I get to make friends with people around the world through their feed. One less stranger in this city, be a part of #InstaMeetCebu

We would really love if you guys can come next time so keep posted.

XX, Monica

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