Nov 9, 2014

About a year ago as I have remembered pretty clearly in my memory (jk, actually from this blog) that I said I'd be doing a monthly post of this thing I call a photo diary but I know I haven't been true to that and since I'm very very active here now, why not do it again? And I'll be adding a monthly favorites to this as well which would include the songs I've been listening to and what are my faves in fashion, beauty and etc.

I know I'm pretty late cause it's already the 2nd week of November but nonetheless, let us proceed

If I could describe October in word would be it would BUSINESS, I can say this month would probably be the start of something for my jewelry brand, The Trinketry because we joined our first ever bazaar and we made a website for it as well and for all those interested, you can follow us on instagram or like us on Facebook and you can shop at our website and if you have already thank you so much for all the support you've given.

Just another day with Etienne, we did errands for our business and of course, did a little shoot for our blogs except that I haven't posted that one yet and it's been really overdue, it's just that I can't find the photos anymore. I wonder where I've put them teehee

I almost forgot that I still actually run a cactus shop because I was just really tangled with TT but I'm really glad I have my brother to help me out with that, BLOOM also joined the bazaar.

October was definitely filled with tons of food, and that's probably why I've gotten so fat.....

Here's something I've instagrammed if you follow me on instagram, these are my new buys for October, well actually during Hyper.

Can you believe this photo was actually taken from Jollibee's wall which just stunned me and I just had to take a photo at that corner.

Featuring The Emporium Cebu, okay so this is a skate shop that my good friend Thor Cristoria owns and you should check it out for all those interested in skateboarding or if you just wanna buy shirts then go for it, they're located at Corner Mj Cuenco and Mc Briones Sts. San Roque, there's also a cool skate park there!

Denims and stripes, what's not to love? And I've noticed a lot of this AA cities inspired tote bag everywhere, and seems like everyone's wearing it and it's embarrassing, also featuring my layered necklace from The Trinketry

Lastly, just a shoe selfie with my current fave,this platform shoes I got from Topshop are to die for.

I'm not gonna lie, Taylor Swift's latest album is good and I'm the least fan of her so that's something.
Also been loving these: Ed Sheeran - Photograph  // San Cisco - Run // Ingrid Michaelson - Girls Chase Boys // The 1975 - Medicine // Local Natives - Wide Eyes // Dresses - Painting Roses // Misterwives - Riptide

so there all not new songs but those are the songs I've been listening to (a lot)

Fashion and Beauty 
Just what I've mentioned above, I love my platfrom shoes from Topshop and also my black slipons that I just wear almost everyday. I bought a new sling/handbag from Terranova and it's very versatile and I could put a lot of stuff in it, I'll be featuring that on my next post.
Recently, I'm using this foundation mousse from Maybeline and it's really nice because it blends with my skintone very well and it's in powder finish so I don't really have to use powder afterwards.

So that's it for my new and improved monthly photo diary/faves
I hope you liked it, stay tuned to next month's faves.
XX, Monica


  1. Hi! A fellow cafamilya here! (ew, it sounds better in my head) Anyways, I don't know if you'd remember this but we were riding in the same jeep to Ayala one day, and I noticed we were wearing the same/similar slip ons from Topshop..and mine was the burgundy color. Thought I stopped by here and share it with you.. #random Love your Instagram feed btw. Keep it up!

    1. I wish you could've said hi so I'd remember haha but thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment :)


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