Nov 27, 2014

Last Saturday, Nov 22 2014, Giordano had their 25th Anniversary Party at Eastwood and about a week before that I got an email that they wanted me to be there and I felt really giddy because I know for one that I'm an underground style blogger and because people actually noticed my blog so here's a quick run through of the event.

They had a carnival theme so it was all sorts of fun and colorful, they had booths where you can play and they had tons of mascots over the place (sorry for the lack of photos) The gates were opened at 12noon so people could play and take pictures, we arrived at 7 right in time for the fashion show and after that there were a couple bands that played like Rico Blanco and Franco.

I'm thanking Havas PR for inviting me, had a great time and I'll blog about my take on their Be Classic campaign so keep posted.

XX, Monica

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