Oct 26, 2014

So this weekend, I spent it at #HyperHalloween and if you haven't heard about that, are you living under a rock??? but nonetheless, here's a quick view of what I wore on the 2nd day since we didn't get the chance to blog on the first day, it truly was very busy.

And if I look like a zombie on these photos then I'm prolly with the theme (or I'm really not getting that much sleep, ha!)

Kimono - Lucky Leaves | Top and Sandals - Forever21 | Jeans - Topshop | Watch - Casio | Necklace - The Trinketry

So a lot of people have been asking me, where I got this kimono from and here's the answer! I got it at Hyper Cebu bazaar from one of the booths and I instantly bought it when I saw it because it was so pretty, I think the name of their store was Cebu Dressed something like that, you can find them on Facebook, this kimono is branded as Lucky Leaves and they somehow get suppliers from different brands and all that kinda stuff, so yeah go ahead and check them out!

Most of the time, I wear jewelry/accessories from The Trinketry because I do really like them not because I'm part owner but just cause it goes with my look, you should try it out as well. So we're gonna start working on our website so that it won't be instagram based only and we're also planning to create a Facebook page, I hope you guys support us and that is all for now.

(I got a couple more pending blog posts, so stay tuned)

XX, Monica


  1. The 2nd photo is my favorite! A young lady that is so chic, there's angst, the emotion - looked so fragile that you don't even wanna dare to hurt, but at the same time, you don't wanna mess with because she's a fighter.


  2. OMG 2nd pic!!! <3 <3 <3



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