Sep 29, 2014

Wearing an all black outfit doesn't necessarily make a person goth, I'm just more drawn to the absence and presence of all colors than actually wearing something bright which won't fit my personality but of course there are also tons of people who are goth and wear black all the time, a pretty good example for that is Kelly Cutrone.

Top & Leggings - Forever 21 | Necklace - The Trinketry | Boots - Rusty Lopez

I always love taking photos on this roofdeck and even more in love with how the sky turned out to be, the sun was setting and we just missed the golden hour but nonetheless, the light still looked dashing.

I'm really stoked to announce that I am now part of Clozette's new batch of Ambassadors in the Philippines! I guess I'm coming out of the cave of underground bloggers & not only that I'm also one of the promoters for PastelMint, October is going great so far!

Still have tons of work to do so I'll leave you all with that for now. Thank you all so much for reading!
XX, Monica

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