Sep 13, 2014

This is my first ever attempt to do an all white outfit because I've always been so hesitant that what I have in mind wouldn't best portray what I'm showing you but anyway, I hope I don't look like a nurse or something. 

Mandals are so in right now and here's how I wore them. 

Ribbed Croptop - Topshop | Skirt - TSO | Mandals - Scene Stealer | Necklace - The Trinketry

We are so excited to launch The Trinketry's new collection which consists of these super pretty caged crystals, don't forget to follow us on Instagram.

And yet again I bought another American Apparel inspired clothing which is this tennis skirt that I've been dying to get my hands on, I'm so sorry but I just really love AA except for the fact that we don't have it here in Ph and also the price tags which are just ridiculously pricey and it's also your lucky day to be reading my blog because TSOclothing and I are doing a giveaway, get an exact skirt like the one I'm wearing by following these mechanics

1. Follow me on Instagram & Twitter (@monicaposadas)
2. Follow TSO on Instagram (@tsoclothing)
3. Leave a comment why you want one and leave your name, ig name & email address.

Contest ends on September 26, 2014. Good luck! Woohoo two giveaways in a row. 

XX, Monica


  1. I would love to have this tennis skirt because aside from not having AA in the Philippines, it is a great staple to any wardrobe. It makes any outfit look sporty and at the same time classy. And a bit of a twist to skater skirt craze.
    Jenice Roa

  2. So I've been wanting to have one of AA Tennis Skirt since I saw a photo on Tumblr but I can't seem to afford one and it's really trendy nowadays and I want to try something new on how I dress and who knew Tennis Skirts can be this glamorous to make you look more fashionable! :D
    Catherine Castroverde

  3. Pretty! Your name is familiar :) Do you know Cyra-Fae? :)

    1. I think we were schoolmates in high school?? haha idk if we're referring to the same one.

  4. I want to have that tennis skirt because it's a staple piece in a girls wardrobe. I love how the white on white trend keeps on.... & one can never go wrong with all white! Love how it's screams Simplicity but still looks classy & sophisticated. �� LOVE THAT SKIRT!!!!!!
    Trisha Camille Lozano

  5. This is actually one of the things I wrote on my Wardrobe Wishlist. AA Tennis skirt is one of the cutest things i’ve had my eyes on for a while. They definitely look comfy & I wouldn't have too much problem in pairing them up. I really want to have one because I admire the color and the thought that I might have one without buying it on an expensive cost.:)
    Anne Cabase

  6. Just like you, I am a fan of American Apparel's line of clothing not only because of their iconic pieces but also because their clothes can be worn on a daily basis by regular people just like me. I followed AA on instagram and I saw how the tennis skirt can be worn in different styles. Its very chic yet it can also be super edgy depending on how a person accessorizes. I am not really fond of joining contests like this because I know my chances are short but this one is an exemption (and yes, this is my first time to join haha). I want to have this piece because I know I can pull off this outfit and it would be totally cool to have it before everyone else does. PLUS ITS WHITE. Im inlove with anything white :)

    - Dominica Alyanna Judilla
    - mikeecake

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  8. Hello! ^^ So here I am, trying my luck. :)) I am 17, a student. I really really loooove fashion! I always read blogs for fashion and it really fascinates me. Then I told myself, "I wanted to be like them. I also want to blog about fashion, or even just random things." So I decided to start my own blog. Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy branded clothes (but I'm working on it). And an AA Tennis Skirt would really be a nice starters for a blog! I would love to have one. So it would really be a great help if you get to choose me. I hope you choose me. Thank you!! ^^

    Rochelle Ann Laquinon

  9. I badly want this skirt because I'm also a big fan of American Apparel, I even try to immitate some of their items through DIYs but this one is just way beyond my beginner skills. I've been wanting to have this skirt since I laid eyes on them. Also, it reminds me of my all-time favorite movie Clueless where most of my outfits are inspired from. I'm a fashion/clothing technology student and I adore the 80s to 90s silhouette. So please please let me have this!

    Mariah Louise B. Lopez

  10. I would love to win this skirt because i've been looking for one for ages. We don't have AA here, but we did it'd probably cost more than it should. I'm a big fan of the 90's. I just love the feel to it. This skirt reminds me of the 90's. I love it a bit to much. It'd mean so much to me if i won this giveaway!

    Ma. Martina T. Leuterio
    IG: @martyleuterio twitter: @mxrtina

  11. First things first ((I'm the realest)) I found out that I'm obsessed with tennis skirts and skirts that are similar when I watched the "Fancy" music video. IT WAS "THE" MUSIC VIDEO OF MUSIC VIDEOS. Literally each 90's movie inspired outfit Iggy was in was made in perfection. I've also been drooling over AA clothing for ages by now, but like any other poor teenager who has no means of earning money yet, I continue to online window shop in American Apparel. Imagine the pain and agony I go through every single time. Have I also mentioned that this skirt is GORGEOUS? If I haven't then I just did. To have this in my plain old boring sense of fashion, would be one in a million. I would do anything to be that "one" though. That's why I'm typing this really long comment right now, but the point is I want to quit being that girl who looks at those who dress really well in jealousy. I want to be the one they look at, not being narcissistic of course, but I would love it if I could bring up the courage and confidence to be like bloggers like you. Even if it may seem that all this has nothing to do with that skirt, it does to me though. It's like that 1/100 part of my life.

    p.s I love the classy vibe of your blog *u* you're amazing at what you do teehee

    name: charrice antoinette a. santos
    ig: @charricesantos

    1. We will definitely get along with your taste in fashion. Just a fun fact! The music video of Fancy was inspired by the movie Clueless which was a parody of the book Emma by Jane Austen.


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