Aug 24, 2014

Pardon me because this blog post has 11 photos and I know that's quite a lot but they're all so nice and I had a hard time trying to choose which ones I'll be using for this blog post and oh well, I ended up posting most of them. This was one day after we had meet ups for The Trinketry & Bloom, I went on a little adventure with Etienne and it seems like we've been hanging out a lot these days, I mean really A LOT.

I've been wearing midriffs and crop tops paired with high waisted jeans most of the time and it's becoming one of my staple outfits. 

Aside from that, I've also been wearing a lot of blacks & dark colors these couple of days, if you'd see a color palette for my closet it's mostly white, black, grey, maroon and moss green.

Turban, Top, Bag, Jeans - Forever 21 | Boots - Rusty Lopez

Forever 21 should prolly start sponsoring because I keep wearing their clothes haha just kidding. It's just my go-to boutique because they have trendy clothes and they're not that pricey as well.

I also revived my old LB account and when I saw my old looks, they're so disgusting haha but nonetheless, that's part of who I was and that was my style before I guess (???) here's a link, so you can hype or follow me.

And I guess, that's all for now
XX, Monica


  1. hello monica. may I know where is this place? thank you

    1. really? how did u get there? i mean, i never thought it's allowed to go up there haha

    2. They open it sometimes when parking goes full on the lower levels

  2. Nam nam! Are you gaining wait?? haha. Still looking good mon :)

  3. how did you set your cam to come out a picture just like that? i mean the bg is so blur. and what cam did you use? and where do you edit? I really really love your photos. I hope you'll have photographyseshwithmonica soon. :)

    1. Cam is just a Nikon 5100, for that I do sessions in person with a fee. You can email me if you're interested :)


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