Aug 6, 2014

The most requested blog post of all time and I finally gave in. I'm doing all of you guys a favor and here it is, a step by step Instagram tutorial on how I edit my photos and if you have been reading my blog, I posted one last year but this one is an updated version and it's actually very simple. BTW, sorry for the low quality photos, I took these using an iPad.

The title is actually a joke my friends and I had created so just go with it.

Usual comments I get on instagram:
-what app I use
-what filter

Well not to worry because these questions will be answered today!

I edit on two photos apps which are VSCOcam and Afterlight but mostly on VSCOcam now.

1. LAUNCH APP (duh)

2.Pick a photo that you'd like to edit

3. And this is where the magic begins, loljk.

First, adjust the exposure by clicking on the sun icon, I usually go with +3 but it still depends on the photo I edit if it's well lit or it's kinda dark.

Next, I'll add contrast and sharpen the photo a bit.

And now for the filters, I used HB2 because I know most people, don't buy filters so I'm making this tutorial for everyone that would like to try it out. You can get HB2 filter for free on their store but I highly recommend the bright and clean filters as they are easier to use and you don't have to do much to your photos.

Of course, you still have to adjust the filter and how much you want it on your photo. 

I also don't stick to one filter because it just really depends on the photo, sometimes I don't put filters when I think there's no need to. But the ones I use are HB2, A6, S2, SE3 & M5

Just a tip, play around till you find your style! For Afterlight, the steps are the same but I only use the Russ filter and put it on like 4 percent because I don't like the fade effect.

I hope you liked this post, if you did you can leave a comment down below, follow me on my social media, there're links on the left side and I hope you learned a thing or two from me.

XX, Monica


  1. You have the best ig feed! :D

    1. thank you prexyl! :)

      and hello anon hater haha.

  2. How about the app for the fonts you use? :3

    1. I look for photos to overlay them and use picsart! hope that helped

  3. I was not able to find the font that I liked, but thanks tho! :)

  4. you got me wrong haha, i just use picsart to overlay. i dont use their texts

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  6. i had been searching this bc i really love your IG feed!. What paid filter do you usually use in VSCO?

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