Jun 1, 2014

Finally found time to make a really short sort of like vlog about the 1975 concert I went to in Manila and hurray for a new YT account, ditching my old one because it has those high school feels in it so please do subscribe if you want, click this.

and viola! I hope you enjoy this super short video blog, if you're a fan I know you would because Matty is just so freaking adorbs!

Oh! and one more thing, I made a new tumblr since my website is down and making this my new portoflio, hopefully will change the domain of that to monicaposadas.com, just really don't want to keep my old one because of matching sites with --- ugh, ya know. anyways, I shall be posting more works because I haven't been this hyped and I'm loving my theme so much, less is more, always.

XX, Monica

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