May 26, 2014

A few weeks ago, my friend Etienne introduced me to the Au Bon Box and asked me to help her out in selling these boxes but I never really found time to blog until now, it's actually a pretty good deal. You'll have everything you need in this little box. All items are authentic and if you Google their prices, it would cost a lot more to buy them individually than buying this set. 

photos re-posted from The Petticoat

1 170ml The Face Shop Cleansing Foam (mung beans), 
1 25g Mitomo Red Ginseng Mask Sheet, 
2 1ml sachets of SU:M37 Whitening, 
1pc 3W Clinique Eyebrow pencil, 
1 Shara Shara Lengthening Mascara, 
1 Cheek Room Eye Shadow, 
1 Cheek Room Mineral Powder Pact, 
1 Cheek Room Lip and Cheek Cream, 
1 2.5ml Peripera Lip Tint, 
5 Packs of Spa Goa Serum, 
1 Biotherm Toner, 
1 Clinique Liquid Facial Soap/Make-up Remover, 
1 50ml 9Wishes Vanishing Balm, 
1 15ml Luna Bbcream

All those for P2000 (in 1 box). Contact or PM me for more info. All are authentic straight from Korea

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