Apr 6, 2014

I'll just sum up our trip into one long blog post. It was great being around with these girls again, I honestly miss their company (they're my buddies in CAFA) and we haven't hanged out in a long time since Roxy decided to stay in Manila and continue her studies there while me and Dianne took a break from school. 

We actually had different flights since we didn't book our tickets together haha.

So yeah, just went around Rockwell and Greenbelt. Don't really have much to say but here are some photos and I most definitely do not want to say anything cheesy here haha like reunited feels good and shiznits like that. 

After the concert we headed back to the condo and changed to our night outfits, we had a post celebration of Roxy's 20th birthday.

And the night was young indeed, we went to so many places and they weren't near. Hopped from high street to Taft to Quezon and some other more places. We had loads of fun!

For the second day, I don't have much photos because most of them are from the concert since it was just really all about the concert. We had a long trip from Makati just to get to Fairview, it was so far but no regrets, it's all worth it!

We actually have a loooooot more of photos but I don't wanna flood my entire blog with it. Anyway,
it was one great weekend in Manila!!

Thanks for viewing
XX, Monica


  1. I love it when you wear high waist bottoms cause it elongates your legs. So did all of your friends planned to wear boots that day?

    1. thanks! and nope, we did not. it just so happened that we all arrived in Manila wearing boots hahaha. great minds think alike (???) :P

  2. kinsa manang mubo kaau


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