Apr 10, 2014

Yesterday my sister and I had a photoshoot because we were literally just so bored at home and we thought we've had too much internet for the past days and there is a need to do other things. Just so you know, this is a more natural kind of photoshoot, not the ones with heavy make up and couture outfits but I wanted it to be real and by that I mean just a regular day plus a camera. The normal things you do when you go out, so I just followed her and took picture of whatever happens.

Although, I asked her to dress up change outfits so it wouldn't be too boring. 

For the last part of our shoot we went to a cafe to chill because it was pretty hot outside, one thing I hate about the Philippines is the weather, it's always so humid and we keep sweating and I hate sweating because it feels really icky. 

We had chilled drinks and some oreo cheesecake and I'd like to make a side comment about their drinks, they are the worst I've tasted so far. I'm sorry Coffee Dream but you don't make the cut. 

Overall, it was a great day, not to mention my sister is indeed a natural model. I love shooting her even when I was still starting to learn photography, she had always been my personal model. We also bumped into our brother and his girlfriend that day..

XX, Monica


  1. This was in paseo arcenas right? I think it was really you I saw before, doing some shoot as well. Haha anyways, another awesome post of yours! And I would like to agree to your side comment about coffee dream. They really have the worst tasting drinks. You're not alone to that. Haha

  2. I can't remember when but I remembered what you wore & saw it you posted on your ig. The one with wearing a strap shirt. Heee :)

  3. You're sister is definitely a perfect model, so natural. So is she really a model?


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