Apr 24, 2014

Film really excites me all the time! I got surprised with these photos because they were taken about 2 months ago and I almost forgot I even took them. Although this roll has really few photos because it kind of got accidentally exposed by someone, well actually that someone is me ha ha. 

Still trying out films that would work better and I suck at low light. 

A random night with these two! Miss them already since we haven't really hung out again. We went on a food trip, just hopping to different restaurants...and also had a very very long walk.

this is my favorite photo in this roll because I got the right light that I wanted. (finally) btw, I'm referring to the photo above.

Had a couple more of these photos but I'd rather not post them cause it feels too conceited haha. 
I hope you enjoy viewing my film (??) because I would love to share more even if I'm still learning this whole film photography thing 

I have this inconsistency when it comes to my blog layout, I just can't seem to not change it after a few months but I'm trying to make a permanent one, just a little tweaking with this and no more changing! Also guys, I design blog layouts for anyone who wants, just email me or send me a message on Facebook, don't ever hesitate cause I give a really friendly fee haha. 


XX, Monica


  1. I'd like you to design my blog. How friendly would your fee be, Monics?

    1. kwarta nasad ang okoy ay hahahaahahahahaa y mog padaa na niya.

    2. please leave me alone hahahaha this is business


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