Apr 28, 2014

Few days ago we went to a resort and surprisingly I was not tempted to dive in the pool cause I usually go in first, maybe I'm growing old from that? haha. Nah, I just hate the after feeling from swimming and I was going to the mall afterwards to pick up a few things so I decided to get away from all the hassle of swimming. I just took a lot of photos and fell asleep listening to music by the pool lounge chair, it was pretty relaxing actually.

So here's what I wore. Not a typical lazy outfit for the beach right? I just kind of want to dress up a bit. A bum in style haha.

Mandatory pose when you're in a maxi with slit or so they say.

Still really hate how hot it is in the Philippines, I can't blame nobody for being born in this country but if I were to choose I most definitely want somewhere colder or at least not a humid place.

Top-Love Eleven | Skirt- Forever 21 | Necklace- Terranova | Sandals - SO!Fab | Bracelets - Aldo

XX, Monica


  1. You should've swim, the pool is so nice to resist in a hot weather like that. I'm so happy again that you blog. Please blog often <3

    1. Well I am blogging often and thanks! comments keep me going haha

  2. Well then I'll be flooding your comments often

  3. Love your blog monica :))


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