Apr 22, 2014

Did a favor for a close friend of mine, Veronica who turned nineteen last Sunday April 20, 2014 which also means 420 for short and yea, people are making a pretty big deal about that. Anyways, he wanted a sort of like "pre-party" pictorial for her upcoming party which will be happening this weekend because well, it was Easter last Sunday. 

This is a first for me as well, I usually just shoot girls and I don't think I have to explain the concept for this one, the title says it all haha.

Also thanking my friend, Janna for helping me with this shoot because I would never have done it without her directing it! I've decided to post more of my photos here on my blog since I never post them elsewhere, I mean what better place to put them right? Kind of like advertising myself as well haha.

You can however contact me if you want my services, through email which is or through Facebook! There's a tiny button on my sidebar that will link you to my fb.

XX, Monica

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