Mar 31, 2014

I really don't know how to start this post because every time I think about The 1975 I just fan girl so much, literally so much. I have never tried being a fan girl for anyone ever but dannnng! Matty, you are perfection. Weeks before the concert I stopped listening to the 1975 cause I really got sick of their songs; it kind of got annoying since I've been listening to them for months way way back. I was honestly very surprised they visited the Philippines cause I know they're not that popular yet (which I never wanted to happen) but I can't stop that from happening. They're pretty much getting more famous esp with the concert in Manila. I am selfish with my kind of music. A month before the concert when it wasn't announced to the public yet, my friend told me they were coming but I didn't believe it till I saw posters and then BAM! They were for free so I immediately booked tickets to Manila and so did my other friends.

First day was such a bummer, we were so stupid for thinking that we should go at the concert at 7pm the same time it starts so when we were on our way there we heard people screaming and we just ran all the way to the concert grounds and we were so far from them and we could only see their backs and it sucks so much but still so hyped cause they sound so goooood. For the second day, we got so lucky! Oh wait I might sound like a total fangirl for going at 2 of their concerts (like I'm not a fangirl) but we just really want to see them closer and so we got VIP tickets, it was amazing! This girl, who's like one of the producers or something gave us FREE tickets! Roxy spaced out for a bit, it was funny haha. We  were there at 12noon and the concerts started at 4, we even bought lunch and just sat at our spot cause we thought we wouldn't be able to get in but yes, God is so good. The second concert was at Ayala Fairview and it was so far from Makati but no regrets, it was all worth it! Also prolly gonna make a montage of our fangirl experience haha. Also, there were a lot of kids at the concert like in the age group of 13-15, a guy from behind us even shouted "Di ako na inform, High five pala papanoorin natin" (English translation, I wasn't informed we were gonna watch high five) I laughed so hard, the kids got bullied so much for being inside the VVIP and they even got the chance to meet and have a photo taken with the 1975, it hurts so bad. I mean like they're kidsssss whyyyyy. "all they seem to do is talk about sex" quoting a lyric. Yup def not a a place for kids hahaha what bad parenting looks like. It was really so annoying, we needed a better crowd/audience like people who were actually into that kind of music and people who were really die hard fans and not just some lame richkids with rich sponsor daddies. But yup, life is unfair.

Sorry if I don't have a photo of George, he was too far. Only brought a 50mm with me.

Wow, such lengthy post. Goodbye and thanks for reading I guess
XX, Monica

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