Mar 12, 2014

Look, my hair is braided.

Things have been pretty crazy lately like really craaaaaaaay and most of the time I think to myself I should minimize the use of my social networks cause people are so curious about everything, I kind of want to disappear from all of this but then I know I can't hahaha. I tried deactivating a few accounts like Facebook, ask and etc but I still cringe on opening them when really, there's nothing to look at but anyway, I still don't know which ones to take down but as of the moment, my ask.fm account is down, I mean I didn't deactivate cause I don't know my password but I can't log in as well since I deleted the app on my phone. More peace shall come to me by doing this little act! Hurray. I really need to get my personal life more personal.

Enough with my dilemma on social networks, as for my look I went with a bit of grunge, ya feel me? With the black muscle shirt, boots and flannel tied around the waist which also definitely gives a pop of pattern and color. I literally love my shirt, I got from a store on Instagram which is street style clothing, check them out if you wanna.

Shirt- StreetStyleClothing | Skirt- Thrift store | Flannel- Forever21 | Boots- Rusty Lopez

As always, thanks for viewing!
XX, Monica


  1. Can you please post the link of streetstyleclothing? thanks!

    1. just search it on ig, streetstyleclothing :)

  2. You're really beautiful


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