Oct 8, 2013

I had a pre-debut shoot last Monday and this was the outfit that I wore, it was a really bad time to wear sandals because we were shooting and we went to forest-y places just to get a good location. I usually wear my Keds when we have shoots and stuff but I wanted to keep my feet out a bit and it was a wrong decision haha. Video will be up soon on our FB page, if you haven't liked us please do by clicking this

My outfit is really minimal, talk about no accessories (probably because I was in a hurry too haha) If you're wondering what hair color I have cause it looks like I have some sort of red ombre going on, nope I didn't dye my hair, it's prolly just cause of my previous blonde ombre added with black dye and this came out as the result.

Cami - Forever 21 | Denim top - Weekender, SM dept | Leggings - Kamiseta | Sandals - SO!Fab

Sidenote, when I write here on my blog I make it really casual and informal and sometimes I don't even reread what I write *laughs I just type in all these words not knowing they're already incorrect like the punctuation and all that but I'm not writing my thesis or anything so who cares. Ha!

XX, Monica


  1. Wow! You're beginning to update your blog. Are you also planning to have post everyday already? I'll be looking forward to it. You always love hairflip, your sort of signature pose

    1. I can't promise to update it everyday haha. And yup, I love hairflips :)

  2. Hi Mon, naa jo'y ga sunod'2 nimog blog'2 ay, naa pa'y "xoxo" sad's kinalasan. haha.pero anyways, I super duper love your blog :)


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