Oct 18, 2013

...At a time, couldn't capture the whole thing cause of my prime lens haha. CONS of 50mm

Here's one of the few backlogs that I have and I almost forgot to post this here, good thing I saw the photos and yup, here they are. Anyway this was after the SEASONS fashion show which took place last month. We (Etienne and I) are most likely not the one to party so we headed to Cafe Caw after the event, such cute interiors! Definitely a must go. It has been a long time since Etienne and I hanged out since we both live such different lives now but it was good thing to catch up with an old friend over chocmint milkshakes haha. And yes, I will always be the shortie.

On contrary to this post, I wanna share about how my week is going. TheWayfarers is hired to film for the Converse campaign which is Wall to Wall and we had meeting last Monday with the people who're behind this and that was really awkward for me since I don't know how to approach adults. We started filming yesterday and that will go on till Sunday. So keep posted for the video! This is yet, one of the biggest projects we've had and I'm proud that we're growing.

XX, Monica


  1. hmm i love the interior of that cafe! and your blog looks great too :) xxx

  2. Like your blog's neat appearance. :) can you state few steps on how to do it? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! I actually design blog layouts, please do send me an email if you want to :)


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