Sep 4, 2013

Hi guys, this is a backlog post since I was confused if I'd post this or not but well, guess I chose to post instead so I'd have something for my readers. I'm really trying to keep this blog alive and as you can see, I've been so blogger active for the past week which is just great! I remember months ago I only post 2-4 times a month, sometimes I don't have anything. This blog used to be just my own, I didn't share it to anyone, never told anyone I had a blog because I was shy and I was somehow insecure about what I'm posting here and also I cared what other people would say but now, I will blog because it's my lifestyle and I guess, I also grew as a person by developing an attitude that we don't need everyone's opinion about us. 
Back to this blog post, I'm inlove with white, there's just something about it and if you'd see my closet, you'd find a lot of whites there (well maybe you'll have a hard time cause my closet is really messy haha) but seriously tho, white has always been my color and just recently I've been reading Vern Enciso's blog and I like how she sometimes pair white with white and just do an all white outfit, she's nailing it.
 I wore a white dress over a nude Kimono top paired with my oh so pretty sandals, sorry for the description, I'm just that in love with it. starting to be less of an "accessory person" since I don't know where my accessories go, they went missing cause friends borrow and then never return them which I think, isn't called borrowing *laughs. Anyhow, I just wore a gold necklace with this and it's actually my first time wearing this, it was a gift from my cousin back in December. Talking bout December, it's already BER months you guys and only 4 months till Christmas! Teehee.

Outfit details: Dress - Karimadon, kimono top and Necklace - Forever 21, sandals - so!Fab

So that's it for this post. Till next time!
XX, Moncia 


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    1. Karimadon bitaw na, in'ana man na tags sa Karimadon. Lahi lahi depende sa ga design. Wa pa guro ka kita lol


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